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The elevators at public service, usualy installed in schools, hotels, hospitals, large offices, airports etc, must respond to certain rules and normatives.

Generally, these elevators have large loading capacity and speed not inferior to a meter per second in order to transport a higher number of people in the shortest time possible, and being specially subject to a particularly intense use and by any user, it is a good norm to build these elevators using particularly resistant finishings, of the anti-vandalism type.

Mylift team has dealt with this kind of devices for many decades, maturing the right experience to build elevators which are solid and last particularly long, other than being extremely functional, comfortable, safe and economic.

Moreover, the productive range of the Mylift devices is among the most varied and articulated in the sector, the sofisticated technological solutions employed in building them allow carrying out the most varied requests in the sector, proposing the most adequate model, being either electric or oleodynamic devices, or without machine room.

Also important in an elevator of this type is the study of its carachteristics, which must take place within the design phases of the whole building, calculating the evacuation time, the type of normative to take in consideration and properties such as loading capacity are crucial to achieve a functional service; therefore do not hesitate to contact our people, who will be happy to assist You.