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A fundamental element in the value improvement of a building is the elevator.

Its aesthetic aspect is part of the furnishing and therefore a focused personalisation is  fundamental.

The finishings of cabine and doors are only a part of the possible personalisations; each aesthetic element can be build, decorated, covered and finished following customer requests; Mylift's management system and its production department allow the elaboration of specific projects, following any requests.

Another fundamental point is the versatility of the Mylift elevators, our catalogue includes circa 700 types of plastic laminates, 100 types of steel, 20 of pastified steel sheets, more than 70 lighting arrangements and much more.

Besides the above, our elevators allow the installation of products which are not part of the internal production chain; for instance, in case the Customer chooses a type of lighting arrangement not available in our catalogue, we are in any case able to build it and/or find it in the market and/or install it, always within the limits and respecting the current normatives.

One of our consultants will be at your complete disposal to find the solution that best satisfies Your expectations and requirements.