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About us

MyLift has became a leader in Hoisting Systems since 2005, when skilled engineers, after having introduced their products in Europe, founded this company, that now provides the same materials and management's principles as before. So, MyLift bases his success on a strong and international experience of its staff.

Every kind of problem is immediately solved in accordance with the European Laws in force, thanks to MyLift's determination, flexibility, great experience and availability.

MyLift's hoisting systems are safe and versatile, thanks to simple, but highly modern materials. The Company has always endeavoured to provide quality lifts with a high level of performance. All MyLift's systems are a clear expression of the costumer's needs and specific requirements.

Our rules

  • Listen to the customer
  • Identify the objectives
  • Value the instruments
  • Create a team, that works well together
  • Give a support of quality
  • Propose new solutions
  • Solve problems
  • Manage everything at the best
  • Reduce dangers
  • Guarantee the best product in a few time at the lowest cost